Editorial Team

Editorial Team

Is Pinot Grigio dry or sweet?

Published March 7th, 2023
The short answer to this question is that Pinot Grigio is, typically, medium dry.

Chicken Alfredo Wine Pairing

Published January 28th, 2023
White wines go well with just about anything, but there’s something about the combination of a crisp white wine and creamy pasta dish that makes my mouth water.

Albariño Food Pairing

Published January 25th, 2023
Seafood is, undoubtedly, the best Albariño food pairing. The wine’s crisp and fresh aromas are an ideal match for a variety of seafood dishes.

Wine Pairing with Chicken Parmesan

Published January 8th, 2023
Both red and white wines pair amazingly with Chicken Parmesan. The main characteristics that you want your wine to have is a slight fruitiness with low acidity.
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