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Travel through the glass with Wine Bugle

Wine is always a trendy topic. There are many who pretend to be connoisseurs and just as many who are intrigued by them and who allow themselves to be intimidated by their inexperience. Nothing more wrong.

Because the most important thing to remember is that wine is pleasure, joy and sharing, not rocket science! It's all about the experience and tasting, and it's fun. And the more you learn about wine, the more fun you will have.

So let's set off together on this journey into the delightful world of wine through the glass, and let's enjoy every sip of this exciting drink.

We will go wherever the grapes take us, and we will learn the best food and wine pairings to experience the difference it makes to find the right food for our favorite wines, and vice versa!

Wines and grapes varieties

Wine is a variegated universe, made up of a thousand facets that depend on the different grapes used, the various countries of the world, and the winemaking techniques.

We will talk about the fruity character or Merlot, the aging potential of Pinot Noir, the splendid versatility of Chardonnay, the important tannic backbone of Nebbiolo, the spicy personality of Syrah, the tropical aromas of Sauvignon, and much more. We will examine the main grape varieties and investigate the new emerging ones.

We will learn the wine basics: how red, rosé, and white wines are produced, what are the main differences between sweet wines, and where bubbles come from in sparkling wines.

Countries and wine regions

Whether it grows on the edge of a volcano in Cape Verde, not far from the Australian scrub, or in a plain of Champagne, the vine shows good adaptability to any terroir. Through the different varieties and their versatility, we can understand the beautiful geography of wine, made up of great migrations or exclusive cultivations, and the diversity of landscapes in which viticulture has established itself.

This guide to wine will take you from the beautiful rolling hills of Tuscany to the vineyards on the slopes of the volcanoes of southern Italy. We will explore the various terroirs of France and its prestigious wines. We will study the different appellations of Spain and will investigate the emerging wine regions of the USA.

Food pairing: how wine can enhance a good meal

Pairing food and wine is one of the funniest parts of dealing with wine (as well as drinking it, of course) but it can be quite intimidating if not scary for wine beginners. At home or at the restaurant, knowing which wine to pair with the chosen dish will certainly improve your dining experience because wine can enhance a good meal and turn it into a special occasion.

We will learn how to pair food and wine by using some easy generic rules and by looking at specific grapes and wines to make the most of this fantastic marriage.