Sommelier, wine writer, and expert on Italian wines, Alessandra Andreani (aka Winehippie, for all wine friends) began her career in the world of wine in 2006 in England. After years of working as a sommelier in international restaurants, and obtaining the WSET Diploma, she began to devote herself to wine marketing, events, and writing.

Tempranillo vs Sangiovese

Published March 19th, 2023
Tempranillo and Sangiovese are food-friendly dry wines with good acidity, excellent tannins, and high alcohol content.

Octopus wine pairing

Published March 15th, 2023
Thanks to its fantastic versatility, octopus wine pairing offers many possibilities with various types of wine. White, red, rosé, or sparkling; there is plenty of choices!

Filet mignon wine pairing

Published March 5th, 2023
The tender consistency of the meat and the refined and delicate flavors will find the perfect partner in an elegant and mature Pinot Noir

Foie gras wine pairing

Published February 16th, 2023
As a general rule, wines from southwestern France are best suited to wine pairing for foie gras.
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