Food pairing for Sauvignon Blanc

Published September 14th, 2022

Sauvignon Blanc is a white grape variety originating from France, where it is used alone or in blend for the production of both dry and sweet wines.

Food pairing for Sauvignon Blanc.

Its herbaceous aromas make it the perfect partner for pork or chicken served with creamy sauces rich in aromatic herbs, or citrus fruits reductions. Its acidity and alcohol content are ideal for many spicy dishes of Mexican, Korean and Thai cuisine. But above all, the best food pairing for Sauvignon Blanc is vegetarian cuisine, since few wines can boast such a green bouquet.

Let’s have a look at some of the best and most popular Sauvignon Blanc food pairings.

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Sauvignon Blanc food pairing basics

Pairing Sauvignon Blanc with food requires a good knowledge of its essential characteristics.

The first aspect to consider is that Sauvignon Blanc is regarded as a semi-aromatic variety and it is generally fermented and aged in steel. This results in very fresh wines that maintain all their aromatic profile made of layers of citrus and lime, green apple and pear, kiwi and passion fruit, as well as basil, tomato leaves, celery, and other herbs.

These green aromas combine perfectly with many vegetable-based dishes, even the most challenging ones such as asparagus. A difficult Gazpacho wine pairing can be easily solved by Sauvignon Blanc.

The citrus notes, on the other hand, can enhance white meats and lemon-based sauces.

Regardless of where it is produced, Sauvignon is characterized by a high acidity which is particularly pleasant and refreshing in combination with the spiciness of some oriental and South American dishes.

The lightness of the body and the relatively low alcohol content make it unsuitable for red meats or rich preparations. However, it remains the perfect companion for white meat and fish.

Best region for sauvignon blanc

Sauvignon Blanc thrives best in cool regions where it benefits from slow ripening and on calcareous or clayey-calcareous soils as well as the not very rich gravel soils. Wines produced in cooler climates are more vegetal, while in warmer climates they express exotic fruity notes.

In France, the best region for Sauvignon Blanc is the the Loire Valley, especially around Sancerre and Pouilly-sur-Loire, where it produces excellent wines with great minerality. In the Bordeaux region, it is often blended with Sémillon to obtain both dry and sweet wines.

Vineyard in Marlborough area New Zealand.
Vineyard in Marlborough area New Zealand

By controlling the excessive vigor of the vine, this variety grows very well in New Zealand, especially in Marlborough, where it gives fresh wines of great fragrance.

In Australia, the cool areas of Adelaide Hills and Margaret River are favorite places for Sauvignon Blanc, as grapes can enjoy plenty of sunlight and the cooling effect of the ocean breeze.

It also achieves excellent results in Aconcagua and Colchagua Valley in Chile, around and south of Cape Town in South Africa, and in the United States where the most important areas are California and Washington.

Is Sauvignon Blanc sweet or dry?

Sauvignon Blanc is a white grape variety that can produce both dry and sweet wines. Normally when vinified alone it creates crisp and young dry wines characterized by lively acidity. But the same grape can be blended with Semillon and Muscadelle to produce the prestigious Sauternes dessert wines.

Sauvignon blanc pairing with vegetable-based dishes


Rich salads are a perfect match for Sauvignon Blanc. This grape loves all citrus sauces and its green apple and herb aromas will gracefully enhance any addition of fresh fruit, chicken, peppers, or olives.

The perfect match? Chicken Caesar salad. Sauvignon Blanc has the right acidity to degrease the palate from the seasoning and balance the various flavors without overwhelming them.

Our suggestion: Stellenbosch Sauvignon Blanc "Cold Fact", Jordan

Pasta with pesto

It is difficult to find a better Sauv Blanc food pairing than that with Genoese pesto pasta. The herbaceous character of this grape will highlight the fresh notes of basil.

Our suggestion: Friuli Isonzo Sauvignon Blanc "Vieris", Vie di Romans

Sauvignon blanc pairing with grilled asparagus.

Grilled asparagus

What makes it difficult to combine wine with asparagus is its intense and marked flavor. The herbaceous and sour taste, with very pronounced tannic and astringent notes of asparagus requires a fresh, and mineral white wine to smooth these very distinctive characteristics. Choose a Sauvignon Blanc from the Loire Valley and it will do the job amazingly.

Our suggestion: Domaine Trotereau Quincy

Fish pairing with Sauvignon Blanc


With its light body and its citrus and herbaceous notes, Sauvignon Blanc goes perfectly with many fish dishes. Any fish served with light lemon sauces will find a perfect match with its aromas.

Scallops, in particular, contain the same grassy notes and the acidity of the wine contrasts nicely with their softness.

Our suggestion: Sauvignon Blanc "Gamla", Golan Heights Winery


Notoriously fatty salmon meat needs wines with good acidity and moderate alcoholic structure. Whether the salmon is grilled or served with herbs or citrusy sauces, the perfect pairing is with Sauvignon.

The good minerality and freshness of a Loire wine will be the best option.

Our suggestion: Pouilly Fumé "200ème Vendange", Baron de Ladoucette

Pair white meat with Sauvignon Blanc

Chicken, turkey, and pork meats are distinguished by delicate texture and flavor, which is often enhanced by cooking techniques, sauces, and side dishes. They are all particularly appreciated for their versatility in the kitchen and the ease of preparation, which allows to create a wide range of combinations.

The Sauvignon Blanc taste, with its citrusy notes, pairs especially well with chicken served with lemon sauces. If the meat is seasoned with parsley, rosemary, basil, cilantro, or mint, chances are that Sauvignon Blanc will make a perfect pairing.

Our suggestion: Graves Blanc "Grand Enclos du Château de Cérons", Grand Enclos du Château de Cérons

Sauvignon Blanc cheese pairing.
Crottin de Chavignol

Sauvignon Blanc cheese pairing

The most classic Sauvignon Blanc cheese pairing, originating in the Loire Valley, near Sancerre, is with Crottin de Chavignol, an exceptionally creamy and stinky goat cheese. A bite of Crottin with a splash of Sauvignon Blanc is a classic match.

As a general rule, with a good Sauvignon Blanc, look for soft, briny, and sour cheeses, such as goat's milk cheese, yogurt, and sour cream.

Our suggestion: Sancerre Blanc Grand Cuvée, Baron de Ladoucette

Sauvignon Blanc snack pairing

Thanks to its crispiness and fresh aromas, Sauvignon Blanc makes a perfect aperitif.

It is a great match for any oily finger food as its acidity will cleanse the palate, any raw fish preparations as its light body will balance them well, and many vegetarian appetizers as its vegetal aromas will harmonize the flavors.

Our suggestion: Menetou Salon Blanc “Les Blanchais”, Domaine Pellé

Pair Sauvignon Blanc with ethnic food

The wines that are best paired with spicy foods must have a low alcohol content , be refreshing, and have a lively acidity that contrasts the hot flavors. They must not be aged in barrel as this treatment tends to cover the spices. Fruity and aromatic wines are generally preferred. This is why Sauvignon Blanc characteristics are just spot on for ethnic food.

Pair Sauvignon Blanc with Mexican food.

Mexican food

Mexican cuisine is a universe full of colors and flavors and spiciness often prevails.

A classic New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc food pairing is with dishes with a delicate spiciness, such as a chicken tortilla with a Jalapeno sauce or Jalapeno-stuffed peppers, as the wine can dampen the spiciness and enhance the green flavors of the peppers.

Mexican recipes also include aromatic sauces with coriander and herbs, and fatty sauces with sour cream or avocado, ideal with wines with lively acidity that can cleanse the palate.

Our suggestion: Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, Cloudy Bay

Greek food

Greek food pairing with Sauvignon Blanc is a must as this Mediterranean cuisine has strong flavors influenced by the many aromatic herbs used.

Recipes include both fish and vegetarian options as well as some fresh goat and sheep cheeses. The possible combinations of tastes and aromas are endless, and the use of aromatic herbs and garlic demands the pairing with a wine with sufficient organoleptic intensity and versatility, like Sauvignon Blanc.

Try the combination with a classic Greek salad, with fried squid, grilled octopus, or Taramosalada. And, of course, choose a Sauvignon Blanc with Meze appetizers.

Our suggestion: Štajerska Slovenija Sauvignon, Verus

Thai food

Thai food is very tasty and characterized by an abundance of seafood, vegetables, as well as native herbs such as galangal and lemongrass.

The use of spices and chilies in many recipes requires a fresh wine in combination, something that can give a feeling of freshness and relief like Sauvignon Blanc, which also has the right acidity to cleanse the palate of oils, it is light enough to balance the delicate flavors of seafood and has the perfect vegetal tones to pair with classic preparations such as Pad Thai, and many soups and seafood preparations.

Our suggestion: Franschhoek Sauvignon Blanc "Grand Cuvée", Boschendal

How to serve Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon should be served at a temperature of 10-12 degrees. Acidity, flavor, and aromas are the main characteristics of a good Sauvignon and the serving temperature can play a key role in accentuating some characteristics. Serve the younger wines colder to enhance their freshness, and the more mature ones with a few degrees more to highlight the aromas and body.

As a rule, it does not require decanting.


Sauvignon Blanc is a universally appreciated grape variety grown with excellent results a bit all over the world. It offers great value for money and is extremely food-friendly.

This Sauvignon Blanc food pairing guide will hopefully give you plenty of options and ideas.