Filet mignon wine pairing

Published March 5th, 2023

Filet Mignon is a culinary specialty of French cuisine, a fine cut of beef obtained from the end of the fillet, particularly known for its tenderness which is preserved even after cooking.

Filet mignon wine pairing.

Often prepared in particularly refined steaks and roasts, it is served with sauces such as mustard, pepper, or Camembert cheese.

The best wine to pair with filet mignon will enhance its strong flavor without covering it, but above all, it must marry in a balanced way with the structure and characteristics of the dish.

This delicious meat dish can be prepared in different ways and subjected to slow cooking that involves the addition of particularly flavorsome ingredients, or it can be cooked simply without the addition of fats and elaborate condiments.

Precisely because of the versatility that characterizes its meat, in order to know for sure which wine to serve with filet mignon it is necessary to analyze the sensory and aromatic connotations of the dish.

In this article, we’ll analyze the best filet mignon wine pairing for each of the most common recipes.

Filet Mignon wine pairing: the basics

When it comes to filet mignon, the first distinction that needs to be made is the type of meat. In fact, in France, the filet mignon can be made from veal, pork, beef, or even venison, while in the United States and the rest of the world, filet mignon usually means beef. Its taste varies according to the animal, but not only. Filet Mignon is, in fact, a meat often accompanied by condiments that have a distinctive influence on the overall taste of the dish.

So, choosing the wine that pairs with filet mignon is not as simple as one could initially think!

Filet Mignon wine pairing: the basics.

As a general rule, the best wine to drink with filet mignon made of beef and prepared without sauces is a red with soft and evolved tannins, which is able to integrate well with the tender texture of the meat. Better to choose a wine that is not too fruity but with tertiary, earthy notes that recall herbs or undergrowth to enhance the lean flavors of the meat, like Pinot Noir.

On the other hand, when the filet mignon is served with sauces or spices the predominant flavors must be considered in the pairing. For example, a filet with mustard will find a perfect companion in white wines such as Chardonnay, as will pork filet mignon. While a filet served in a pepper crust, or with cheese-based sauces will need a slightly more substantial wine like Malbec.

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Best wine with Filet Mignon

It’s not easy to choose the absolute best wine for filet mignon, because not only it's a matter of personal taste (as usual with all food and wine pairings), but it also depends on the sauces and sides that are coming with the meat.

So, in this case, we’d like to consider the best wine pairing with filet mignon cooked simply, with just butter, rosemary, and salt. The tender consistency of the meat and the refined and delicate flavors will find the perfect partner in an elegant and mature Pinot Noir.

If you’d like to splurge, think Cote des Nuits otherwise go for the regional Bourgogne appellation.

Our suggestion: Domaine Pillot Bourgogne Rouge

Domaine Pillot Bourgogne Rouge.

Red wines with Filet Mignon

Many red wines pair perfectly with a filet mignon. To choose the best red wine to pair with filet mignon and succeed in your food and wine pairing, choose a bottle according to the vegetables, fruits or sauce you offer with the meat.

And remember not to exceed with tannins and body, as to avoid overpowering the lean meat.

Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is often considered the best wine to go with filet mignon if the meat is cooked in a simple way with rosemary and butter or served with mushroom sauces. Its soft and velvety tannins are ideal for this lean cut of meat while the earthy and fascinating aromas of undergrowth will enhance the savory flavors, and the lively acidity will cleanse and refresh the palate.

It is always better to choose a wine from the Old World that is a few years old and instead avoid wines that are too fruity and exuberant which would end up covering the delicacy of the filet mignon.

Our suggestion: Faiveley Nuits-Saint-Georges


Merlot is a soft, medium-bodied red wine that always pairs extremely well with grilled red meats. In the specific case of a filet mignon, Merlot can create an ideal pairing, especially if the meat is served with fruity sauces or foie gras.

The intense aromas of ripe dark fruit and the velvety notes of sweet spices coming from the refinement in wood will combine splendidly with the fruit of the sauces or the richness of the foie gras without unbalancing the taste. In addition, Merlot has velvety tannins and a round structure that makes it a very good wine with filet mignon.

You can choose a wine from Saint-Emilion, Pomerol, or Côtes de Bourg (mostly Merlot red blends) or opt for a Californian wine that is not too young to avoid an excessive exuberance of fresh fruit.

Our Suggestion: St. Supery Rutherford Merlot

Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon is an extraordinary red wine that shows great versatility in terms of combinations with food. In the case of filet mignon, however, it is important to consider the leanness and delicate flavor of the meat.

So, when picking the right wine that goes with filet mignon, Cab Sav lovers should avoid overly powerful and bold wines and opt instead for a more mature one where the tertiary notes of smoke, tobacco, and leather can complement the subtle flavors of the filet mignon. The maturity of the wine will also affect the tannins which will be less exuberant and more suited to the tender texture of the meat. Cabernet Sauvignon is also the best choice for venison filet mignon.

Our suggestion: Antica Mountain Select Cabernet Sauvignon


Malbec is universally considered the best wine pairing for filet mignon and, in general, an ideal wine for grilled red meat. Its rounded tannins and round structure make it ideal with red meat while the earthy flavors of roots, licorice, rhubarb, and even herbaceous traces can enhance the taste of the beef filet mignon, especially if served with melting cheese or with herbs and spices or also with a tangy mustard sauce, or with black pepper.

The ideal with the more elaborate preparations of filet mignon is an Argentine wine, warm, intense, and with soft tannins.

Our suggestion: Luca Old Vine Malbec


Sangiovese, the most representative grape variety of Tuscany, produces red wines that go very well with filet mignon. Of course, the best is Chianti Classico, an elegant wine with typical aromas of violets, Mediterranean herbs, and tobacco that complete the delicate flavor of the meat.

In the mouth, the salty notes, round tannins, and acidity cleanse the palate without overpowering the tenderness and butteriness of the filet mignon served simply with salt or vegetables. It is always better to choose a wine that is not too exuberant and can elegantly complement the filet without overpowering it.

Our suggestion: Viticcio Chianti Classico Riserva

White wine with Filet Mignon

White wine is not used much in pairing with red meat, but there are some very interesting exceptions. For example, if the filet mignon is made from pork, then a white wine could be ideal, especially if it has good acidity and an intense aromatic profile.

And if you are serving a mustard filet mignon (especially with traditional Dijon mustard), white wine is a must! However, for a perfect filet mignon and wine pairing, it will be necessary to choose a white wine with a bold character and lively freshness.


Depending on its preparation, filet mignon can also pair wonderfully with white wine. If the meat is served with a mustard sauce, then white ine works perfectly, especially to avoid the tannins that can contrast with the tangy notes of the dressing. Chardonnay in particular, especially from Burgundy, and especially if oaked, will offer the perfect structure and richness to balance the meat and enhance its savory character.

You can opt for an elegant bottle of Mâcon or even a cheaper AOC de Beaune. These wines reveal aromas of brioche and melted butter, and a dense palate, offering the ideal balance with the sweet/salty notes of the meat. Even with a pork filet mignon with honey or mushrooms, Chardonnay proves to be the ideal wine.

Our suggestion: Henri Perrusset Macon-Farges Vieilles Vignes


We hope this article has helped you better understand what wine goes with filet mignon, considering the various types of meat, recipes and seasonings. But as always, remember that the best wine pairing is the one you will be able to do by following our advice and your taste.

So, never stop experimenting with food and wine, and…enjoy your filet mignon wine pairing!